{mindful mondays} Morning Pages – Forgiveness and Staying Present

In my 25 years, I can say with mellifluous certainty that life is not meant to be about dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. We spend so much time holding onto past mistakes – not allowing ourselves to be human, not allowing ourselves to forgive and not allowing ourselves to grow. We then in turn worry that our past will carry into our future – worrying what consequences may arise, stressing and not allowing moments of Human Being over Higher Being. We spend so much time focused on our past and future that we often forget what is actually important…the present – this moment, right here, right now…which is all we REALLY have.

I am positive in saying that life is not meant to be lived out torturing ourselves or others. I am positive in saying that we are meant to forgive, even when forgetting is not an option. Forgiveness comes from living in THIS moment – right here and now. Not yesterday, not two weeks ago, not two years ago…RIGHT NOW.

We are not meant to forget the things which shake our core. We are meant to learn from them, grow from them, forgive, prosper and move forward. Living in our past, dwelling and not allowing ourselves to be compassionate to others as well as ourselves is actually quite toxic for our minds, bodies, souls. Forgiveness to ourselves as well as others takes time. I mean it really takes time. Forgiveness is a regular practice in any and all situations which may arise, as we are not perfect all human. Having a very human thought process and set of feelings, our past mistakes or those of others will come up time and time again, but the choice to forgive is a choice of our own. Practicing compassion for any impropriety may take several attempts before feeling more comfortable with such a practice.

Maintaining awareness and staying present with your thoughts and accepting that what’s in the past is no longer within your control takes a leading role in forgiveness. To forgive yourself or someone else, you must stay present and know that whatever requires compassion is no longer happening right here and now. Allow your feelings to surface. Sit with them. Acknowledge them. Let them go. They don’t serve you in the present moment.

Follow your heart and not your past hurt. Live right now and don’t worry about what the future may hold. Enjoy the beauty of today. Embrace every feeling and sensation – it means you’re alive. Open your heart. Open your mind. Let go of what really doesn’t matter in the end and open up to grace. Allow sunshine into your heart and soul. No matter what the cause of the hurt, anger, dissatisfaction, and so on… time truly heals all wounds, should you choose to allow it to do so.


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