{witty wednesdays} What Happens in Your Savasana?

Savasana plays such a key role in our practice – allowing us to let go, quiet and invigorate the physical body as well as the mind through conscious relaxation. Being the pose of total relaxation, Savasana is one of the most beneficial parts of your yoga practice.

All of that lovely stuff being said, Savasana can often be the most challenging part of our yoga practice. With the way Western Culture influences us to keep busy, be productive and so on, we often get caught up in thoughts of the past and future with little to no regard for staying present. Anything from, “What am I going to eat for dinner?” to “I have to remember to download this song”, as well as “I love/hate my body” and “Shhh…stop thinking and just relax” can come up…and these are a lot of unnecessary labels and thoughts that don’t really serve you on your mat. Not ever, actually.

It can take a long time to find a balance where stillness comes into play. A lot of it is about just accepting what comes up without the need to grasp at it, taking some much deserved time to sink into your mat and allow yourself the simple comfort of being with you. Remember, yoga (on the whole) is a practice. Let go of the need to take it so seriously and allow yourself the joy of playing on your mat. There is no level of perfection and no competition. Accept yourself. Love yourself. BE YOUrself – on and off your mat. With time and practice, your Savasana will become more peaceful – moments at a time, breath by breath.

Lastly, I promise you that there will be amazing days as well as less-than-your-personal-ideal ones. It’s part of the process, so do your best to trust it. This is the time for your body to sleep and for your mind to watch.

If you’re still working at it or even if you’re a “well-seasoned” yogi/yogini , I thought you might appreciate this. It made me laugh…A LOT.

What happens in YOUR Savasana?


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