{mindful mondays} Morning Pages – New Beginnings

For those of you who know me personally, you are aware that this past weekend was a big one for me. I officially moved and handed back my keys to what was once a former love’s and my first home. A lot of emotions (loss, frustration…more frustration lol) came up in this process of transitioning out of it, but the awareness of it all being very much for the best was what fueled me in getting it done with the help of my Dad, Uncles (Sam and Brian) and my dear friends (Patrick and Kara). I am happy to have bid such farewell to my old home in order to make room for a new chapter in my life that gives me the peace of knowing that there is so much more, bigger and better, out there just waiting for me to dive in.

That being said, October 1st is a big deal for me. It marks the official beginning of my “new life”, which led me into thinking about what I need to do for me – to reconnect, to grow, to be stronger, happier and better than ever. Now is the time to stop holding back, to let go of whatever does not serve my life in this moment and to really let myself shine. Why? Because I deserve the best…So I shall provide myself with the absolute best.

October Challenge:

  • Practice Ahimsa (non-harming) towards Self. No self-judgment or criticism. If you catch yourself judging, knock it off and replace with positive, present-minded thoughts.
  • Again, Ahimsa. Don’t accept or allow negative words or actions. Remember the source and/or remove as necessary.
  • Practice Satya (truth in word and thought). Speak truthfully. If something is troubling you, speak up or stop allowing yourself to be troubled.
  • Aparigraha (non-possessiveness). Get rid of anything that is not important or necessary physically and emotionally. After a move from a 1 bedroom to 1 room, you know there’s a lot you can get rid of.
  • Jog at least once a week. Minimum required distance: 2.5K. You have an iPhone now. There are apps. Use them.
  • Exercise and sweat daily. And I mean really sweat.
  • Maintain daily yoga practice. Attend at least one class at a studio per week.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Stop over thinking and just listen to your instinct. It will never let you down if you just let it guide you. Trust yourself.
  • Remember that your happiness does not depend on others. You create your own state of existence.
  • Love and respect your body. Fuel it with delicious clean food and drink. Limiting yourself to 2 less-healthy meals per week. Show it the gratitude it deserves for all that it does for you, for giving you everything it has to be the best version of you…inside and out.
  • On bad days, focus on what you are grateful for. Whether big or small, there is always so much to be grateful for!
  • Practice compassion for yourself and others in any given circumstance.
  • Love who you are. Love your quirks. Love your body. Love your flaws. Love your imperfections. They are what make you so perfectly you. And you are pretty amazing.

As the season changes and the air grows more crisp, leaves turn to magnificent shades of red and orange, I am so looking forward to this beautiful internal shift I am working towards. I am tremendously excited to be taking the time to come back to myself fully and more fueled than ever…to come back to the happier, stronger and best version of me I can possibly be.

If not now…when?


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