{witty wednesdays} Why I Love Having Men in My Yoga Class

Keeping with the theme of Men on the Mat this week, I decided to share with you a few reasons why I (as a teacher and as a student) love having men in my yoga class.

1) Men are more muscularly dense, the room gets warmer faster – the energy created from this tends to raise the level of empowerment in the room (plus, you guys look so serious doing it…what’s not to be empowered by?!)

2) Natural humidity. You guys sweat. A lot. Compared to the ladies, at least. The next time you’re towelling off, just remember: That natural humidity you’re sharing with us? It actually helps us breathe with a bit more ease. For this, I personally thank you. (Also, it makes us ladies who are flowing away on our mats feel a bit better about our own sweaty situations if we’re working hard, too!)

3) The noises. I sincerely applaud you guys for fearlessly stepping onto your mats breathing audibly, grunting during transitions and panting with effort. Breathing deeply and with intention is such a key element to your practice. Hearing even one of you breathing like this actually encourages the rest of the class to do so. If you don’t believe me, take a listen the next time you’re in class. Hats off to you lads!

4) Though a lot of practitioners can set too many expectations and be pretty hard on themselves, the well-season yogi is able to be a bit more light-hearted on the mat. The laugh factor here is a pretty good one – I see men on their mats laughing silently at themselves quite often while some of the ladies are clawing away at their mats which, without fail, invokes a smile within me every time. I appreciate you guys making the time for play on your mats instead of taking it so seriously.

5) You make chivalrous partners. I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love partnering with men. You are usually overtly welcoming with a greeting as we come together. You are strong. You give amazing assists. To-boot, most of you make very considerate partners – whether it’s because you don’t want to sweat on us or you’re trying to make us comfortable working with you, I have yet to partner with a man and have been left with anything but a fantastically positive experience. For this, I thank you. Again.

6) You are living, breathing proof that Western men do yoga, too. Despite the common thought amongst so many guys (the one about yoga being something girls do), you still show up, stand tall and practise with intent. You make the new yoga dudes far more comfortable being there. You also give the yoginis in your class solid proof (for when they’re bugging their significant others or friends to come give it a try) that real men do in fact do yoga, too!

7) You are so dedicated. No matter the challenge, you put your best effort in and your heart into the labour. There’s nothing for me to joke about. You guys are bad asses!

8) You’re a motivation. As much as we all want to believe that we stay on our mats (physically and mentally) during our practise, I’ll happily be the first one to admit that I do wander from time to time. As much flexibility as my body has to offer, you guys pack so much strength on your mats. You inspire me and often leave me awestruck – whether you’re holding your Crow Pose for the entire suggested duration, floating through to your next Chaturanga or absolutely rocking your inversions…simply wow! You remind me that, even though our body compositions are completely different, I can still work towards these amazing things and eventually get there. (I may still have you beat on being a Gumby, though…for now! Haha.) You continue to encourage me to always embody my strengths.

You bring so much onto your mats and into each class. I love being able to witness the Yin and the Yang in class – with so many unexpected things that can occur on the mat. Whether you’re valiantly pushing more forward in that Upavistha Konasana {Wide Angle Seated Forward Fold}, seemingly hanging out in Crocodile with ease or opening your heart in Fish Pose…I want to thank you wonderful men for showing me all sides – the dark, the light and everything in between.

Looking for another chuckle before getting your ass-in-a correct position? Check out this YogaDork post about Cowboy Yoga – this video is a bit slow-moving, but absolutely hilarious. Happy viewing!



4 thoughts on “{witty wednesdays} Why I Love Having Men in My Yoga Class

  1. Yes, it is definately nice to have guys in class. I often point out famous or more known men who take up yoga and share with my participants…I have mentioned stories about singers, basketball players, and actors. I even have a General on the base that I work at who frequents yoga class. My master trainer is a guy and he even has his own DVD called YogaFit for Men. So yes bring on the guys.

    • It is definitely impressive the amount of well-known men that are now doing yoga. It definitely helps encourage the men who are a little shy about trying it out. I have a Major who frequents my class, as well as a couple of other men in the Armed Forces. Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  2. Yoga is good for MEN, and men doing yoga is good for women….. and women doing yoga is good for men. So let’s be mutually beneficial to each other and GET DOWN LITTLE DOGGIES!!!!

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