{mindful Monday} Endings and Beginnings

Often heard at the end of my class, holding high value and meaning to me each and every time these words escape my mouth, is the saying, “every ending has a new beginning.”

We are so often so resistant to what life offers us. We are afraid to be open. We are afraid to be vulnerable. The reality? I truly believe we are not ever offered something we are not capable of overcoming. We will be handed the same lessons over and over again in different disguises until we finally learn what is needed. When we do, one door closes and another opens. We are creatures capable of change. Whether we resist or go with it is up to us. We have the choice to fear the ending – to fear the outcome – or we can choose to be fearless and approach life with open arms…letting go of the unnecessary and making room for our beautiful, rich, abundant lives. The latter is the key to your happiness. Why? Because every ending has a new beginning…and your new beginning is waiting for you. You just have to stop resisting.



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