{mindful Monday} Live Like You Mean It

I spent my morning inspired by my meditation. Reflecting over oneness and marveling at how connected we are ultimately. The same air that amasses around us is the same air that is within us. We share this air with every thing and every being it touches. This unites us on a much deeper level. We are connected with the essence of everything around us, yet so often we let that concept – that truth – pass us by.

We spend waste so much time wanting instead of being. We get wrapped up in our past and worry too much about our future that we often forget about right now. We walk around so wrapped up in ourselves that we miss all of the other miracles experiencing their lives mere inches away from us. We spend our gift of time with our eyes down and our walls up, as we become consumed by our own lives and stress over things that are out of our control since they are not a part of the present moment. We miss out on all of the beautiful things happening around us. Heck, even if what’s happening around you isn’t your standard definition of alluring, there is still beauty in chaos.

This morning, I gave myself permission to unplug as I carried my meditation off my mat into each and every step, breath, smell, sound, touch and taste. I noticed the bits of  gravel moving beneath my feet as I walked to the bus stop. I felt each and every little raindrop kiss my skin. I saw people differently and more clearly than ever before. I smiled fearlessly at strangers and truly meant it. (How many times have you made accidental eye contact, only to quickly dart away?) I spoke with complete strangers because they were friendly and we were both unplugged – conversations I would have otherwise never had if I had been too wrapped up with myself. As I ate my breakfast and lunch, I observed every texture and appreciated every delicious bite of my food. I observed the passersby – seeing their postures, their distractions, their smiles, their aches, their humanity… their raw beauty and perfect uniqueness. I saw them with complete clarity and zero judgment. Only love. Each and everyone of us is comprised of so much love.

At the end of the day, we are all the same. We breathe the same air. We eat. We sleep. We experience grief. We struggle. We laugh, We work. We play. We burst with excitement. We live our lives the best way we know how. We are all on a journey. Though our passions and experiences may lead us down different paths, they are all connected. The only thing that separates us is this idea that we are divided; that we are isolated and alone or that something makes us lesser or greater than those around us. We are so busy trying to stand out that we make ourselves stand alone. Try standing together. The truth is, we are never truly alone. The essence and air we breathe, our human experiences, though they may differ, are what connect us. We are all radiant beings.

Are you ready for more from your life? Put your phone back in your pocket, put your tablet away, step away from your computer, turn off your TV, get out of your head and be a part of the world around you. Be a part of life. It’s happening right now. Life is beautiful, but it is also short. Embrace your human experience. Appreciate the love within and around you. Really get to know others. Be uncomfortable. Feel what you need to feel with zero shame or resistance. Discover yourself. Be a part of the journey. Observe. Live like you mean it.

What you look for, you will find. I was in search of beauty in the present moment and I found so much more than I could have ever expected. My heart and soul are uplifted beyond the point of explanation. The grace and beauty in each moment – in each being – is breathtaking and inexplicable. Today, I saw, felt, heard, tasted so much love. Truly being a part of the moment filled me up with so much gratitude, happiness and love. I can’t wait to experience more.


“Enlightenment for a wave is the moment the wave realizes it is water.” ~ Thich Nhat Han



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