{mindful Monday} Fill Yourself Up

We spend so much time seeking the approval of others instead of looking within ourselves. As a result, we undervalue our self-worth and we forget the importance of self-love. Why do you think you are missing something? What are you really missing? Stop obsessing over what you think you do not have. You have everything you need in this very moment. What you long for will come when it is time and when the Universe knows you are ready. Maybe there is something you need to let go of. Maybe now is a time to journey inward. You have all the tools you need to love yourself, to live the life you dream of and to make your dreams come true. Forget about looking for others to fill the void. Embrace your present circumstances. Single or taken, handful or plethora of friends, job satisfaction or dissatisfaction ~ it is you who chooses your happiness.  If you are not happy with everything you have right now (roof over your head, food on your plate, your health, etc), how can you expect to be happy with more? If you are not content being with yourself – with loving yourself – then how can you expect to attract or find anything different with others? How can you connect with others fully and honestly if you are unwilling or unable to connect with yourself? Start looking within. You have everything you need just as you are. Start to fill yourself up. Nourish your soul. Know your value. Do what makes you happy. Embrace what makes your heart sing. Be daring. Step out of your comfort zone. Be sure to honor yourself. Keep dreaming. Be present. Move forward. Meditate. Breathe. Discover the greatest depths of your soul. Teach yourself to be comfortable with your discomforts. Learn how to be still ~ even in chaos. Take the time to really discover who you are…. to really LOVE who you are. Self-love is the most important love of them all. If you are looking for outisde approval, if you are looking for the love of others, if you are looking for acceptance from anybody but yourself… what do you think you will find? You need to be in love with YOU first. You need to love yourself unconditionally ~ regardless of your mistakes, regardless of errors, regardless of your beautiful imperfections {inside and out}. Why? Because your happiness, your health, your life depends on it. Dig deep. Reflect. It begins with you. Pour every ounce of love you long for and deserve into yourself. Fill yourself up. Let your beautiful soul shine. Your life is waiting for you. Be fearless. Be love. Dive in!

“Go find yourself first so you can find me.” ~ Rumi



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