{mindful Monday} An Expression of Gratitude

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I have had a pretty challenging 10 months ~ big changes job-wise, loss of a fur baby and (most significantly) the sudden and unexpected loss of my Mum (amongst other now seemingly trivial things I won’t get into considering the latter). There have been several times where it felt like the very moment I started to catch my footing everything crumbled from underneath me. Through it all, I have always found what I needed to learn, as well as endless amounts of gratitude in each moment (even in the most unbearable ones). I am saying this because I believe we get too caught up in our stories and experiences. We fixate on the negative. We forget about what we have right in front of us… right here within us. Everyone experiences suffering or struggle. That is a part of life. You are never given something you cannot conquer. Today, regardless of what my stories or experiences are, I choose gratitude.

I am grateful for clean water. I am grateful for deliciously nutritious food. I am so blessed and grateful to still have my Pops. I am grateful for having a roof over my head. I know that I am blessed and am utterly grateful to have taken a breath just now… and a moment ago… and again just there. I am grateful for movie theatre popcorn. I am grateful for this beautiful, strong body I get to live in. I have so much gratitude bursting inside of me for the amazing friends I get to share life with. I am grateful for the endless opportunities and possibilities coming my way (as long as I stay open to them). I am grateful for rain and puddles and mud. I am grateful for being as resilient as my Mum and Dad. I have gratitude for people who frustrate me or who are terribly negative, as I am reminded of who I do not want to be in my reflection. I am grateful for self-taught and externally encouraged fearlessness. I am grateful for my big, bold, beautifully open heart ~ ready to love and be loved…sharing all that it can with everyone it meets. I have gratitude for being able to do what I love and love what I do. I am grateful for my instructors and my students (my students are often some of my greatest teachers) for sharing their time, space and beautiful souls with me. Simply put…I AM GRATEFUL FOR IT ALL.

Now…your challenge, whether or not you choose to accept it: stop talking about your problems and start talking about your joys. Share your gratitude! What are 3 things you are grateful for today? GO!


One thought on “{mindful Monday} An Expression of Gratitude

  1. Today I am grateful for my period for showing me that one day I can potentially have children, and that I don’t have children right now (phewf!)… no matter how uncomfortable these cramps are. I am grateful for my mother, even though we fight and she is sick these days and I try my hardest to be there for her… thank you for opening this gratitude up even more to me Ciara xx and number three I am grateful for the inspiration of all of the beautiful people around me helping me to adjust and move forward in this life full of crazy changes and ups and downs. We’re all in this together babe 🙂 thanks for the amazing post! You’re an inspiration!

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