Self Care is Sexy {and Updated August Schedule}

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Self Care is Sexy

Once upon a time, I used to be very resistant to the idea of “needing” time alone. I loved to fill my schedule with endless plans surrounding my work and sleep schedule. Truthfully, after much contemplation I am ready to admit, I was simply uncomfortable with sitting with myself (like so many are). I needed to be around people to feel whole, secure and fulfilled. Alone time that wasn’t spent in meditation or on my yoga mat was simply not of interest to me.

It wasn’t until I started teaching yoga (especially once I was full time), practicing more and meditating regularly that I finally wanted that silence and space. (I find that the more I offer myself to others, the more time for self care I really need.) It took many years, but I am comfortable and happy to fly solo as often as I need to now. I find it extremely freeing and therapeutic. Time alone to take care of my body and mind gives me the time to assess what my body needs more or less of, as well as keeps me better grounded and connected with my needs.

Making the time for self care is (in my opinion) a must. I am a better teacher, friend, daughter, partner and human being when I allow myself the time alone to reflect, recharge and return love to myself that I (and so many) require.

Self care doesn’t have to be a big extravagant event. It can simply be disconnecting from your phone for a few hours, taking a bath, reading a book, sitting and watching the rain or whatever else makes you really happy. My favourite self care / self loving methods generally involve cooking something healthy and delicious, hanging out in bed with my windows open and my legs tossed up the wall or putting my phone on do not disturb for a couple of hours whilst sipping tea and taking the time to journal.

What one thing will you do today to care more for and give back to yourself? Post below or share on Instagram (tag @yogawithciara #selfcareissexy).

Updated August 2015 Class Schedule

There have been some small changes to my schedule for the month of August. My full class schedule is listed here. Check in weekly for my schedule including classes I’m subbing each week at various locations!

12:00pm Power @ Urban Gym Ottawa
4:30pm PowerFit @ ModernBody

7:00pm Yin @ Anytime Fitness Carling
9:00pm Pure Flow @ Pure Yoga Westboro

6:00pm Floating Yoga @ Urban Ocean (Britannia Beach)
*NEW* 9:00pm Floating Yoga @ Urban Ocean (Britannia Beach) aka the best Savasana you will ever experience!

6:00pm Pure Flow @ Pure Yoga Westboro
7:30pm $5 Karma Power @ Pure Yoga Westboro

10:00am Flow & Yin @ Anytime Fitness Carling
12:00pm Power @ Urban Gym
5:00pm Pure Beats @ Pure Yoga Westboro

8:00am Rise n’ Grind @ ModernBody
10:00am Gentle Power @ ModernBody


Stay tuned! More announcements to come shortly regarding partner yoga and other specialty workshops / classes. Namaste!


One thought on “Self Care is Sexy {and Updated August Schedule}

  1. I was definitely in the same boat about filling my schedule with activities and having a non-stop lifestyle. It was fun but I was really uncomfortable when I didn’t have something to do (even when I was alone, I’d study for school or do something “productive”). It was quickly apparent that I was running from something inside myself. It took some work but now my body and soul demands self-care. I take at least one night “off” a week to reset and my life is full of warm baths, naps, reading books, watching movies on my couch as well as yoga and dance and healthy eating which itself is another form of self-care. I say “no” to people and things that don’t add joy to my life as much as possible, and I put my own needs first (or at least equal to those of others). It’s been one of the best lessons I’ve learned. Thanks for sharing your experiences and this reminder. ❤

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