TunesDay ~ Yogi Flow

Happy TunesDay friends and yoga lovers!

As promised (with a small and unexpected delay before publishing), welcome to my weekly music-inspired blog post!

This past week’s most popular playlist is a personal favourite. As many of my students know, I have always used a lot of non-yoga music for my classes. I teach with music that I am listening to currently because I find it more authentic than making playlists that don’t truly move me in the moment. I love to practice to what makes me feel amazing and, therefore, love leading practices that incorporate music that moves my students as well as helps encourage them to stay present.

Of late, I have been listening to a lot of music that leans more to the side of instrumental with less lyrics as well as some more “traditional” yoga music. It’s been warming my heart, moving my soul and helping me tap into a level of creativity / fluidity on my mat that I didn’t know was there. This has been my favourite playlist to flow to – connecting with my breath and letting my body ride the wave of the beats.

Happy listening! Photo Credit: Mark Gustafsson

Yogi Flow

“Ahava Yeshana (Old Love)” by Yuval Ron
“For What It’s Worth (India Dub)” by DJ Drez
“Light” by Dr. Toast
“Man O To” by NU
“Taikiki” by Deep Chills
“Lighthearted” by Deep Chills
“Once Again” by Hang Massive
“Nya I” by DJ Drez
“Om Nya” by Sound Ambassador
“Floating Sweetness” by DJ Drez
“Shavasana (Soft Touch)” from the Yoga – Ashtanga World album

The song playing after Savasana this week during departure from class is “Let It Go” by Saint Saviour.

Namaste, loves!


One thought on “TunesDay ~ Yogi Flow

  1. Hi Ciara,

    I so apologize for my prolonged absence from your wonderful classes. I don’t know what to say – crazy things of come up and I guess my brains have been spinning out a bit. All the more reason I need your call him, restorative practices. I really miss the mat time!

    I will do my best to come next Wednesday but is it possible for you to send or tell me where to find a list of all the classes you teach Churing the week and where I could pay a drop in fee?

    Hope to see you soon!



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