{Tunesday} Malas, Movati and Mates, Oh My!

Happy Tu(n)esday, lovebirds!

I have a few things to share with you today, but I will start it all off with the playlist of this week (which isn’t so much a playlist, but an album). This album has been trending in my Yin classes for the last week and has received a fair bit of love from everyone, so…here it is:

Album: Music Meditations
Artist: East Forest
Favourite track (besides all of them): End of the Road

Officially a MalaRae Ambassador!

Photo Cred: Mark Gustafsson

I am so very honoured and excited to announce that I am part of MalaRae‘s ambassador team! I came upon this lovely (and local) company nearly one year ago when I picked out my first mala as a Christmas present from my Dad (and treated myself to a bracelet while I was at it).

Shortly after falling in love with my new mala, I met the beautiful and passionate soul, Kyla Rae – the woman behind the making of these magic jewels. I was even more hooked (and have an arm full of bracelets and wraps to prove it). I don’t know that my wrist has ever been as stacked as it is these days (and it feels wonderful!)

My mala always invigorates my meditation practice, whether I’m seated or simply going about my daily business. Its presence offers a deeper sense of balance, harmony, love and support into my life. It’s all pretty magical. They are also all really beautiful.

Check it out for yourself online right here!

Photo Cred: Mark GustafssonThe key to choosing a mala? You’ll usually just know by what you are attracted to (or you can search for stones that suit what you are looking to attract. When you find something you love, you can save 10% off your purchase with discount code “ciarab“!

Thank you MalaRae for sharing your passion through something so beautiful and personal. Also, another big thank you for welcoming me so warmly onto your team! I am excited to continue to share this journey with you!

Movati Athletic Barrhaven

For those of you out around the Barrhaven area, I am thrilled to announce that I begin teaching at Movati Athletic Barrhaven as of November 6th. You can find me in the beautiful hot room there twice a week:

10:30am Hot Yin
12:00pm Hot Yoga

3:30pm Hot Power Yoga
5:00pm Hot Yin Yoga

Partner Yoga at Inner Revolution this Saturday

You are invited to come play on your mats this Saturday, November 7th from 2:00 to 4:00pm at Inner Revolution in Kanata. I am offering my first Partner Yoga Workshop in this beautiful space. Bring a friend, partner or a member of your family. This lighthearted and laughter-filled workshop is (as always) all levels friendly and no experience required. I hope to see you there!

Register online at www.innerrevolution.ca to reserve your spots!
$20 / person for members
$25 / person for non-members


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