{Tunesday} Covers & December News

Good evening lovebirds!

The playlist highlighted mellow playlist this week hands-down was a sweet assortment of Jasmine Thompson’s cover songs. I love her music so much that I love to shuffle it with zero specific order – it makes for a lovely slow flow or a sweet surrender yin class. Here’s what I’ve been shuffling this week in my delicious low key classes:

The more upbeat of the playlists over the last week or so was the following assortment of instrumentals and top 40s hits that I’ve been grooving to on my mat of late:







New Class at Urban Gym Ottawa

Outfit by Inner Fire. For your own, shop online at www.myinnerfire.com with code "ciarab" for 15% off!
Outfit by Inner Fire. For your own, shop online at http://www.myinnerfire.com with code “ciarab” for 15% off!

I am very excited to announce that, starting December 1st, I am adding a new class to my teaching schedule at Urban Gym Ottawa! This class will be all about what YOU need. The style will vary depending on the week and what requests / ailments / favourites come up. It will be listed in my Classes section as Flow & Yin, but, truthfully, it will likely soon be seeing a unique name change.

Join me onTuesday nights at 5:30 for a student’s choice, all levels friendly yoga class at Urban Gym (1226-A Wellington Street West)! I can hardly wait to see you there!



Last Partner Yoga Workshop of 2015 

Join me this Saturday, December 5th at Anytime Fitness Carling for 2 hours of trust, connection and laughter. This will be the last partner yoga workshop of 2015 and lots of fun new things have been added to the menu. Space is limited. Please register in advance with yours truly via email (advance payment is required ~ $25/person). Contact me for more details or click here for more details.


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