…Because You Are So Worth Loving

Good morning kick asana yogis!

I hope this finds you starting off your Sunday with oh-so-many smiles and an abundance of love in your heart.

Loving my sweet Let Love In bracelets from MalaRae. Shop online with “ciarab” at the checkout to save 10% off!

With the infamous love day just around the corner, I am offering some fun workshops that highlight the basic human need for love and connection. No, this doesn’t have to be all romantic and lovey-dovey. This applies to all relationships – your romantic partner (should you choose to have one at this time), your amigos/amigas, your famjam and, most importantly…YOURSELF.

It is absolutely wonderful to be in love and have all of these wonderful folks around you that you love…but at the end of the day, if you don’t love you it’s pretty darned hard to love other people {and to let yourself be loved the way you deserve in return}.

As Valentines Day ultimately approaches, I encourage you to take a step back from the commercial views of the day and remember to first give yourself a whole heck of a lot of love. Take the time to acknowledge the fabulousness that is you. Embrace your sweet soul, your beautiful heart and your rockin’ body because YOU, my dear, are so incredibly worth loving – especially your own love. Celebrate you. Celebrate those fabulous souls in your life. Celebrate love {in all forms}.

{Sacred Pause} So Worth Loving

All photos in the post taken by the lovely Aida Robbins Photography.

To celebrate and cultivate some serious love for yourself, I am offering the opportunity for you to treat yourself to a journey inward on your mat to a deeper sense of enchantment for your body and soul. Two hours of yoga, meditation and mantras that are all about reconnecting with and loving YOU more. This will be one of the sweetest loving offerings you can gift yourself with. Time. Breath. Connection. You.

Join me on Saturday, February 13th from 2:00 to 4:00pm at Anytime Fitness for {Sacred Pause} So Worth LovingPlease contact Ciara to register.

Shaking my asana in my Mandala leggings from Inner Fire. Shop with “ciarab” to save 15% off online!

Partner Yoga
Connect. Play. Trust. Laugh. Yoga – for two!

The perfect opportunity to flirt with your comfort zone and play lightheartedly with someone you love {friend, partner, family}. This workshop offers up the opportunity to share lots of laughter and build a stronger foundation of communication with your fabulous partner in crime for the evening. We will dive into the basics of partner yoga and build into an introduction {and maybe more} to acro yoga postures as we let loose on our mats.

Come with zero expectations, a sense of adventure and be ready for lots of laughter. All levels of experience welcome. (New transitions and moves offered for our seasoned partner yogis, as well.)

Join us at Pure Yoga Centretown on Sunday, February 14th {two times: 4:00 to 6:00pm and 7:00 to 9:00pm}.

Spaces are filling up very quickly! Click here to register online to reserve your spots.


Whatever you do, remember to make this upcoming Valentines Day a super loving one. Maybe it will be your bookmark to start practicing a bit more self care and self love moving forward. This is your reminder that you, my dear, are absolutely worthy of so much love.

What one thing can you do for yourself today to show yourself some serious love from the big, bold, beautiful, radiant heart of yours? 

You could be having *this much* fun or more on Valentines Day. Come check it out for yourselves! 

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