{Updates} Partner Yoga Workshops AND Class Series, Sacred Pause & More!

Good evening, love bugs!

Just a quick run through of some updates and exciting stuff coming up…

Adorned with MalaRae New Years Mala & bracelets {save 10% off MalaRae online with “ciarab” at the checkout!}! Also wearing black Betty Tank from Free Label & my favourite Moroccan Dream Leggings from Inner Fire.

{Sacred Pause} BREATHE

The {Sacred Pause} is a series of workshops intended to encourage us to slow down, tune in and remember to take the time for ourselves to help nourish our mind, body and soul.

The second part of this series is all about the power of breath. Whether we’re talking about the inhales in our practice or the exhales of our sighs, our breath is telling of our overall quality of each moment in our lives. We spend so much time taking for granted the fact that our brains automatically tell our bodies to breathe that we often miss out on the opportunity to let this be a conscious act. Our breath helps to move us in our vessels and can heavily affect our ability to get unstuck in our minds. I am offering the opportunity for you to treat yourself to a journey inward on your mat to discover what it’s like to be really present ~ a journey through your breath to a deeper sense of peace and satisfaction.

Two hours of blissfully sweet pranayama {breath work}, a sweet yoga practice and meditation that are all about reconnecting you with the art of conscious breathing to offer you a greater quality of life and a deeper sense of peace. Everything offered at the workshop will be things you can easily incorporate into your life at home and at the office. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, experience a lot of daily stress or you would simply love to explore what those big beautiful lungs of yours are capable of, this workshop is for you. {Yes, my essential oils will be comimg with me and the space will be beautiful} This will be one of the sweetest & loving offerings you can gift yourself with. Time. Breath. Connection. You. 

Join me on Saturday, March 19th at Anytime Fitness from 2:00 to 4:00pm.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Please contact Ciara to register.

New Class at Movati Athletic Barrhaven

I am pleased to announce that I will now be teaching a Hot Foundations class at 12:15pm on Sundays at Movati Athletic in Barrhaven. This is the perfect class for folks new to the hot room {or new to yoga}. This class will offer a challenge at a slower pace with lots of detailed instruction and hand-on assistance.

Andrew and I both sporting our favourite matching shirts {Chill and Be Still} after teaching a sweet and lighthearted partner yoga workshop. Also loving life in my favourite Ginkgo Capri.

Partner Yoga Updates

Acro Yoga Series {Weekly}

Andrew and I are beyond excited to announce that we are currently in the process of organizing and sequencing a six week series of partner / acro yoga weekly classes for yogis looking to advance their practice of yoga for two.

The first series will incorporate the basics of flight, therapeutics as well as all beginner and dabbling into intermediate acro yoga postures.

Series two will include intermediate postures as well as the introduction {and more} to Acro Vinyasa {fluid transitions}.

The weekly acro series classes will run in Ottawa {venue to be announced}. Keep an eye open for more details and dates coming soon! Feel free to subscribe / follow my blog for all updates on the Acro Yoga Series.

You can’t tell, but the Inner Fire Anatomical Heart is adorned on both of our shirts.


In the meantime, we are still offering monthly workshops which are all levels friends {and always include new poses for our experienced partner yogis}. Our next workshop is Saturday, April 2nd from 7:00 to 9:00pm at Pure Yoga Westboro. 

New to Partner Yoga? Here’s the scoop:

Connect. Play. Trust. Laugh. Yoga – for two!

The perfect opportunity to flirt with your comfort zone and play lightheartedly with someone you love {friend, partner, family}. This workshop offers up the opportunity to share lots of laughter and build a stronger foundation of communication with your fabulous partner in crime for the evening. We will dive into the basics of partner yoga and build into an introduction {and maybe more} to acro yoga postures as we let loose on our mats.

Come with zero expectations, a sense of adventure and be ready for lots of laughter. All levels of experience welcome. (New transitions and moves offered for our seasoned partner yogis, as well.)

Gratitude. Inner Fire Moroccan Dream Leggings. Get yours at http://www.myinnerfire.com with “ciarab” at the checkout to save 15%!

Thankful for My Inner Fire

For those of you that aren’t aware, I was fortunate enough in Summer 2015 to be welcomed as a member of the Inner Fire Luminary team (brand ambassador). This beautiful company is where I get all of my sweet printed leggings and clever screen printed tanks from that I rock out in on my mat. I was initially drawn to this company because of their unique and bold designs, but I fell in love when I found out that they are also an environmentally mindful Canadian yoga apparel company {situated in British Columbia}. Their leggings are made from recycled water bottles and all of their shirts are hand printed. I have only the most incredible love for this brand’s desires to respect the planet and the way they promote peace through mindfulness and lightheartedness. Passion. Comfort. Quality. Sustainability.

Want your own Inner Fire? Shop online and use discount code “ciarab” at the checkout to save 15% off your purchase!


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