Mixing Up the Beats

Happy long weekend and last day of July, yogis!

To get your asanas groovin’ and shakin’ this fabulous weekend, here is my current favourite playlist this weekend ~ a dancehall and dancehall-inspired set of tunes. This one is sure to get you fired up to enjoy the incredible sunshine ~ whether you are working away {inside or out}, partying, driving or just enjoying copious amounts of yoga on the dock.


This playlist is inspired by the beautiful summer weather we are having and the serious need to shake it that I’ve been experiencing as a result. The flows that have come from this beaut have been epic in nature. Don’t forget to shake your asana!

Speaking of shaking one’s asana ~ you can come do just that next week to this playlist {subject to tiny changes} with me next Saturday at 2pm at Pure Yoga Centretown for Pure Beats. So. Much Fun. I promise that I’ll wear my sweet Inner Fire tank {featured below} to really help set the tone to move, shake, dance and flow it all out. It can be your yoga pre-party to manifest an absolutely awesome weekend. If you own this tank, lets rock it together. If you don’t have it…you should. 😉 Hop online to http://www.myinnerfire.com and use “CiaraB” or jump over to http://www.amazon.ca and use “CiaraBea” at the check out to save 15% off your amazing yoga tank and leggings ~ awesome for the hot room, layering over your bikini and everywhere / for everything in between!


Shake Your Asana tank and Bloom leggings from Inner Fire. Save 15% with “CiaraBea” on amazon.ca!

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