{class & workshop styles}

Styles & specialty yoga classes offered:
Hatha, Hot, Power, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Bridal, Chocolate, Partner, Prenatal

A classic approach to yoga, Hatha yoga has an emphasis on the physical and mental strength building postures, breath work and relaxation benefits to create a solid foundation for your practice. This is the perfect class to learn the basic postures while building strength, increasing flexibility and reducing stress. This class is student-based and will move at the pace of the class as a whole.

Connect. Play. Trust. Laugh. Yoga – for two! These partner-based workshops are fun, challenging and accessible to all. The mood will be set to move and flow on your mats without hesitation. Your journey starts with a heat and connection building warm up before you are guided into a lighthearted interactive partner practice – starting with the basics of partner work and moving into an introduction of acro yoga postures that will have you flirting with your comfort zone as you let loose on your mats. 

Power yoga consists of a unique combination of traditional Hatha yoga postures blended with dynamic exercises designed to sweat, stretch and tone your entire body. This class will have an emphasis on proper alignment of movement as well as focus on breath work. Using an energetic and specifically sequenced set of flowing postures, Power yoga has the dexterity to not only build strength and tone the body, but also create balance, release tension and improve overall flexibility.

Power & Yin
A powerful blend of both Power yoga (yang) and Yin yoga (yin), this class will offer you the best of both worlds. This class offers a balance of long-held floor postures helping to stimulate your body’s deep connective tissues with the more active, dynamic and heat-producing yoga postures. The end result will leave you feeling restored, strong and stretched.

{Sacred Pause}
The {Sacred Pause} is a series of workshops intended to encourage us to slow down, tune in and remember to take the time for ourselves to help nourish our mind, body and soul. Workshops include yoga, breath work, mantras and meditation.

Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa yoga is a series of flowing poses that will have you moving through the power of riding your breath ~ tapping into the power of inhaling and exhaling. Guaranteed to give you a good sweat, as well as leaving you feeling relaxed and recharged.


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