{Body Love Bootcamp}

Two topics that I hold very near and dear to me are body image and self love. Whether we are wrapped up wanting to be stronger, thinner, less this, more that…a majority of us (men and women alike) are wrapped up with what we don’t have instead of appreciating what we do have. Negative body image and body shaming are a too-common reality for so many of us.
I am so excited to be offering such a powerful series of workshops designed to inspire and empower ~ encouraging a healthier body image and a much deeper sense of love for your body {inside and out}. This is a collaborated offering and I am pleased to be working with the loving and knowledgable yogi and nutritionist, Sara Moroz, of Barebones Nutrition in Motion. Our Body Love Bootcamp will offer a beautifully unique blend of yoga, nutrition, meditation, breath work, discussion and a whole heck of a lot of self care! It’s time to create this crucial shift ~ a journey into the body and mind to get back in touch with ourselves on a deeper level and really start to truly love these incredible vessels that our beautiful souls get to reside in.
The goal? To start to appreciate every glorious inch of you – inside and out – so you can confidently rock what you’ve got!
The details {without divulging too much}
Week #1 – Saturday, April 30th (2pm – 4pm)

Intro – Diving In
Today, we will address our “troubled” spots (you know, those areas we nit-pick all too often). This is our first step in our journey towards feeling absolutely amazing. What’s on the agenda:
~ Feel Good Flow co-led by Ciara and Sara
~ eating to feel amazing

Week #2 – Saturday, May 14th (2pm – 4pm)
Stepping into Your Power
It’s time to realize exactly how strong your body and mind are today, folks. Today is the day we start to really tune in and start digging a little deeper. Week 2 includes:
~ an empowering (and accessible) Power yoga class led by Ciara
~ breathwork for vital strength

Week #3 – Saturday, May 28th (2pm – 4pm)
Get Your Shift Together
This is our check in. How do you want to feel? What are you going to do to get there? In this workshop, we really hone in on creating the shift in order to embrace positive change. Our intention is to rebuild. Week 3 includes:
~ a sweet Flow practice led by Sara
~ a delicious nutrition segment offering recipes, meal tips and sample snacks

Week #4 – Saturday, June 11th (2pm – 4pm)
Self Care is Sexy
The final chapter of The Body Love Bootcamp. We will snuggle up to the deliciousness of self care. This workshop will include:
~ a sweet and seculent yin practice co-led by Ciara and Sara
~ meditation for the heart
~ breathwork to reduce stress
~ massage, aromatherapy and candlelight.

When: Saturdays 2:00 to 4:00pm
Where: Anytime Fitness {1867 Carling Avenue}
Cost: $25 per workshop or $80 for all four

Contact Ciara to register:

See you on your mat! ♥




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