{One-on-One Private Yoga}

What do you gain from your private yoga experience?
While there are so many benefits to group yoga classes, private yoga sessions can be custom tailored entirely to your needs and desires for your yoga practice. Whether you are looking to begin your yoga journey, focus on proper posture and breathing techniques, reduce emotional and physical stress in your life, deepen your practice or simply wish to pamper yourself to the blissful treat of a yoga-high, there is a practice that is just right for you.

Why consider and invest in private lessons?
~ Personal attention and privacy
~ Develop and refine a personalized yoga practice
~ Focus on specific therapeutics benefits to suit your individual needs
~ Convenience of lesson times based on your schedule (by appointment)

Where and when are one-on-one yoga sessions offered?
Private yoga sessions may take place in the comfort of your own home, outdoors, workplace or at a studio and can include individuals, couples or groups.

What happens during my consultation?
Your needs for your individual practice will be discussed and assessed during your consultation. Individual needs to be considered may include overall health, stress management, specific injuries / conditions, strength and flexibility.


1 hour      = $75
1.5 hours = $100
2 hours    = $125

Purchase 5 sessions outright and receive 1 session free.
Purchase 10 sessions outright and receive 3 session free.

To book private yoga classes or your free 30 minute consultation with Ciara, please contact her directly at yogawithciara@gmail.com.

(Please note that there may be an extra fee associated to travel or studio rental depending on the location requested.)


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